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This is the perfect gift for an adventurous soul or anyone who has always dreamed about flying a helicopter.  This is a 90 minute introduction to helicopters with a FAA certified Helicopter Flight Instructor that finishes with YOU taking the controls!

heli_redAIR TAXI

Seacoast Helicopters is now authorized by the FAA to conduct on-demand air taxi and charter services.   In accordance with FAA Part 135, Seacoast Helicopters will provide executive coach services for personal or business with pick up and drop off.  We utilize state of the art avionics and noise canceling headsets for the comfort of our passengers and to ensure safety throughout your flight.  Flying by Air Taxi with Seacoast Helicopters is a fast and safe way to get from one place to another, whether you need a ride for business or personal travel.

At Seacoast Helicopters, our passenger’s safety is our number one priority.


Witness the beauty of the New Hampshire, Maine or Massachusetts seacoast from the skies with an Adventure Tour with Seacoast Helicopters.  Whether you are visiting for the first time or have lived here your whole life, Seacoast Helicopters guarantees an experience that you will never forget.  We offer the highest levels of safety and service for aerial views of the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth’s newly reconstructed Memorial Bridge, coastal light houses, the NH White Mountains and much more.

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Seacoast Helicopters provides government, business, and individual aerial charters the following:

  • External Load and Long Line Lift
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Government and Private Land Surveys
  • Wildlife and Environmental Surveys
  • Hurricane and Weather Related Damage Assessments
  • Search and Rescue for Missing Persons
  • We are open to service any need for aerial services

heli_redPhotography and Film

Seacoast Helicopters provides services to hobby and professional photographers and cinematographers for the ability to shoot from the skies.  Your pilot can take you on one of our planed and photogenic route or tell us where you would like to film from.

heli_redEvents and More

Weddings, birthdays and other events can be made even more memorable with an affordable price.  If you have an event, we can take it to the next level of enjoyment.