Seacoast Helicopters Flight School

Learn to Fly in Portsmouth, NH

Get in the Cockpit!

Is your current job not as rewarding or challenging a career as you had envisioned? It’s never too late for a career change!

Seacoast Helicopters offers an accelerated training curriculum catered to anyone looking for an alternative to college or university or a career change. Or maybe you just want to fly for leisure, or mark off another item on your “bucket list.”

With our FAA certified flight school in Portsmouth, NH, we can help you pursue an exciting and rewarding career in one of the most enviable positions in the aviation field! In fact, you can become a professional pilot for the fraction of what a college education costs. We also offer tuition financing and assist with job placement! Also, with our online flight scheduling tool, you can book helicopters and instructors days, weeks, or even months in advance.

So let Seacoast Helicopters mold a custom program for you! Our FAA certifications include Flight Instruction for Private, Commercial, Instrument Rating, ATP, CFI and CFII ratings, conducted in accordance with our FAA Certified Part 141 Air Agency Certificate. We also instruct under FAA Part 61, if desired.


Professional Pilot Degree & Associate's Degree

We are proud to offer an Associate’s Degree in Aviation Technology in partnership with Great Bay Community College.

In only two years, you earn a Professional Helicopter Pilot Certification and an Associate’s Degree.

inside of helicopter
red helicopter

Turbine Course

We now offer a very affordable turbine transition course in our R66 turbine aircraft. This course can be completed in just one weekend! Contact us directly for details.

Fixed Wing Training

We offer primary and advanced training with ratings of Private, Commercial, Instrument, Instructor, and Instrument Instructor in both Single Engine Land and Multi-Engine Land categories. Our fleet includes a Cessna 172, the most popular flight training aircraft in the world. Training is conducted at Portsmouth International Airport at Pease. We train you to share airspace with other General Aviation aircraft as well as Air National Guard refueling tankers and transient Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and US Coast Guard aircraft, preparing you for flights to any airport in the U.S.

Your training is conducted one-on-one with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor who works with you through the entire program, learning your individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses to provide training tailored just for you. As an added bonus, the beauty of the Seacoast area provides a visually attractive backdrop for every flight.