More than Helicopter Tours

Book Charters, Air Taxis, & More in Portland, ME & Portsmouth, NH

Charter Services

Need to get to Logan and don’t want to deal with the stress of traffic or paying tolls and parking fees? Sit back and enjoy the view in one of our luxury air-conditioned helicopters!

Going to the Cape and want to avoid that Friday afternoon traffic? We can get you there in under an hour!

Have a business meeting and need to get there now, or have preferred customers coming to your facility and you want to provide them with top-notch service?

Seacoast Helicopters can provide you and your customers the ideal travel experience with our charter service. It’s more economical than you think!

Dream Flight

This is the perfect gift for an adventurous soul or anyone who has always dreamed about flying a helicopter. You experience a 90-minute introduction to helicopters with an FAA certified helicopter flight instructor that ends with YOU taking the controls!

Air Taxi

We are FAA approved to conduct on-demand air taxi services for your personal and business needs! In accordance with FAA Part 135, we provide executive coach services with both pick-up and drop-off. We utilize state of the art avionics and noise canceling headsets for your comfort and to ensure safety throughout your flight. Flying by air taxi with Seacoast Helicopters is a fast and safe way to get from one place to another, whether you need a ride for business or personal travel!

Utility Services

In addition to our flight tours, air taxis, and government, business, and individual aerial charters, we also offer the following utility services:

  • Part 133 External load and long line lift
  • Real estate photography
  • Government and private land surveys
  • Hurricane and weather-related damage assessments
  • Search and rescue for missing persons
  • Any aerial service need

Photography & Film

Are you a photographer looking to snap some amazing aerial photographs? Seacoast Helicopters provides services to hobby and professional photographer and cinematographers to shoot from the skies! Your pilot can take you on one of our planned and photogenic routes, or you can just tell us where you’d like to film from! We’ve worked with many professionals over the years from real estate to city planners, most recently conducting filming for the Outdoor Channel.

Events & More

Want to make a wedding, birthday, or another celebratory event even more memorable? We can take your next event to the next level of enjoyment at an affordable price! We can take you out to a private lighthouse for a proposal, or show up in your backyard and bring an exciting element to your celebration. We’ve recently created packages for corporate events and excursions as well. Reach out to us directly for details!